McIntosh Crop

Date: January 5, 2015

Hughes Technical Services (HTS) signs Teaming Agreement with Florida company, Revolution Technical Services. (RTS). Visit Revolution Technical Services. RTS provides, among other services, GT performance evaluation and testing, including verification of Turbine Inlet Temperature and base load adjustments for maximum power output and increased efficiency. With this agreement in place, HTS and affiliates are now …
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Date: December 9, 2014

In conjunction with Burns and McDonald and Emerson, HTS successfully completes technical direction of Ovation® control system, ABB Synchrotact III® and SFC Megadrive® modifications to allow for black start of 2 ABB GT11N1 for WE Energies plant Paris Wisconsin. The Paris plants consist of 4 ABB GT11NM in simple cycle mode

Date: November 2014

In conjunction with ALSTOM, HTS successfully completes black start modifications to ALSTOM Blueline® and ABB Megadrive® SFC for black starting 2 GT11N1 at Southern Company’s Plant McIntosh in Georgia. Plant McIntosh consists of 8 ABB GT 11N1 gas turbines in simple cycle mode.

Date: October 10, 2014

Hughes Technical Services (HTS) signs Teaming Agreement with Texas company, Global Consulting and Mechanical Services (GCMS). With this agreement in place, GCMS and HTS are now positioned to provide a viable OEM alternative for complete mechanical and commissioning services to customers in the power industry worldwide.

Date: September 20, 2014

Hughes Technical Services (HTS) is currently providing turnkey mechanical, electrical and I&C commissioning support to US company GCMS for 2 ABB GT13DMs relocated from Fushan, China to Basra, Iraq. With a team of commissioning and field engineers assembled from the US, Ireland and South Africa, HTS and GCMS, brought on line, two twenty five year …
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