Gas Turbine Maintenance
We are OEM trained and certified with much faster response time.
Procontrol P13/P14
We have a combined ABB P13/P14 & decontic experience of over 50yrs.
We perform hundreds of maintenance, upgrades & troubleshooting jobs.
AVR Maintenance
We offer support for your legacy ABB Automatic Voltage Regulator.
ABB REG 216/316 GSX10
We can calibrate, check, troubleshoot & upgrade your ABB REG216 or 316.

Welcome to Hughes Technical Services LLC

Hughes Technical Services (HTS) specializes in

  • ABB Procontrol, P13/P14,
  • ABB MOD300 and ADVANT
  • ABB SFC and Unitrol AVR
  • ABB generator protection systems REG216 and GSX10
  • ALSTOM (GE) BlueLine control system

In addition to these services , we also can tune, maintain, & commission your ABB GT11N1, GT11N2, GT11NM, GT11D, GT8, GT13D, GT13E base fleet units after major overhauls.

Service options include:

  • Performance tests,
  • Base load adjustments
  • Pulsation and NOx adjustments
  • A, B and C inspection commissioning.
  • Upgrades


We also have an extensive parts inventory for ABB Procontrol P13/P14 Decontic and MOD300.


HTS helped Orazul Energy to  improve their GT11NM EV plant reliability by assisting in the incorporation of a new 220KV breaker in the…

In conjunction with GE,  HTS successfully completed a full  commissioning of a ABB GT24 gas turbine in El Sauz., Mexico after a major…

In conjunction with GE, HTS successfully completed a full commissioning of a ABB GT24 gas turbine in Rosarito after a major overhaul.